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Over the decades, the Swiss Alps have been romanticized by the film industry worldwide. And there’s a good reason why – the Alps are pristine and full of mineral properties that enhance beauty. Swiss Image began with a group of experts in Switzerland that manufacture innovative and high-quality skincare products for all skin types. All Swiss Image products contain melt water from Alpine Glaciers along with other select ingredients from one of the world’s purest ecological environments.


Swiss Image’s comprehensive range includes a bouquet of essential face care products, a comprehensive whitening line and an entire regime of anti-ageing products. All Swiss Image products have ‘Alpine Glacier Water’ that is rich in both biologically active properties and is easily absorbed by the skin due to its ideal molecular size. The Whitening range of products is formulated with a skin whitening formula that is a synergistic blend of ten botanical skin whitening actives that helps inhibit skin pigmentation and lightens skin tone. The Anti-age range also has the innovative ‘Snow-Algae’ as its active ingredient, unicellular and ecologically pure algae, that strengthen the skin’s barrier mechanism, enhance collagen production and reduce the effect of ageing on skin proteins.

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  • Exfoliates gently without irritating the skin
  • Removes dead skin cells and blackheads
  • Reduces dullness and visibly brightens
  • Gives even toned and radiant complexion
  • Lightens skin tone and gives radiance
  • Helps inhibit pigmentation
  • Reduces appearance of dark spot and blemishes
  • Supports skin regeneration and repair during the night
  • Easily absorbed and does not leave an oily shine